Cesare    4 Gennaio 2007        Letto 381 volte
Questa è la tracklist dell’album comparsa recentemente in un alcuni siti e segnalata da avrilbandaids.com :

1. The Best Damn Thing
2. Extinction
3. Unsolved Mysteries
4. (I Could Do So Much Better) Without You
5. Girlfriend
6. Bump This
7. No More Secrets
8. (All The Crazy People) Get Ya Ass in Here
9. Keep Holding On
10. Breather
11. What Life Is
12. Meant To Be
13. This Goes Out (Dedication)
14. I Found True Love
15. Hectic

Bonus Tracks:
Like It Or Not (iTunes)
I Don’t Trust You (Giappone)
Mountains & Hills (Giappone)

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