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They call me a damsel in distress cause I want my prize
The one with the kingdom and the big brown eyes
The one with the voice the can move like music
And my oh my does he know how to use it

(Woah) I’m not playing with ya
He looks into ya eyes, knows just what to say to ya
He’s so beautiful, that’s the consensus
I bet the crown jewels I will be his princess

I like him for his smile
I like him for his hair
I like him for his style
I like him cause he’s so debonair
He’s my trophy boy, my trophy boy, my trophy boy
I want him for myself
I wanna lock him down
I want that ring on my finger
Like I want that crown
He’s my trophy boy, my trophy boy, my trophy boy

He’s so vicious, so totally runway
And I know I wasn’t listening, but he’s totally funny
And I don’t even care if he ever makes a sound
Just as long as when you see me, he’s around, and he’s bound to me~

He’s like my glass slipper, he fits me so good (and)
He’s such a good tipper (oh oh oh)
And you could sing along if you like
For we only know one man who looks tough in tights (huh)


And its not just about his looks, he’s also got a sensitive side
He has the soul of a poet, if ya give him the time
And he’s a perfect gentleman, class and etiquette
Oh who am I kidding he just has such excellent abs
You can’t compete with those fellas
(Such class) Make the whole kingdom jealous
(Oh man) I just forget my manners
Hello, I’m Cinderella and I need a wedding planner


Oh, oh my God, my Fairy Godmother,
Won’t you call this boys mama and tell her that I love her


My little trophy boy (yeah)